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Dear Prospective Sponsor:


I would like to take this opportunity to present our Lil’ Onions soccer club 2016 category for intermediate and advanced kids. Our club participates in the Puerto Vallarta Elite League that started in March and we are currently leaders in our standings. We participated in the Elite Cup in March where we came in fifth place out of nine teams, and we just played the Vallarta Fut7 Cup where we took first place. We are registered to play the Chivas Cup in July/August in Guadalajara and in September we are going to play the other edition of the Elite Cup. The plan is to close the year with the Christmas Cup in December. These cups along with our league matches are very important to us because they are used as a way to challenge and continue the development of our players. We currently rent fields at Le Fut in Las Gaviotas for training and play our league games at the Via fields.


We invite you to sponsor our soccer club to better serve our players. The purpose of our club is to train players not only based on their skills and talent but also on their character. By visiting our website and social media platforms, you will notice the seriousness and organization in all of our programs, but we are only asking for support with our soccer club. We focus on keeping our numbers small so that we can assure our players maximum quality. My wife and I are the founders of our club, and we do everything we can to lower the cost for families, so any type of support is very well received and appreciated. Funds raised through sponsorship help our soccer club:


  • Continue investing in quality equipment for optimal safety and experience for our players.

  • Continue improving programing to benefit our players.

  • Cover operational cost such as insurance, facility rental/field permits, travel to club tournaments, field supplies, etc…


As a small club we appreciate the support of local businesses and far away supporters to provide our players the best possible soccer experience. You will find that your business will be well represented and will benefit greatly as our physical/online presence continues to grow.


Thank you for your time and for your consideration. As a former professional soccer player, I’ve experienced the great impact and advantages that comes with sponsorship. If interested in this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.




Gregory Preciado




Your support is greatly appreciated!

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