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Humble beginnings sporting my Jorge Campos kit. (Rec League Walla Walla WA)

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Everyone has a dream growing up, mine was to play soccer professionally. 

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Be creative, express yourself, and make sure you follow your passion.

Lil' Onions Futbol Acadmey was created for those who would like to experience the passionate game of futbol. In my experience, futbol allowed me to achieve many goals that I had set for myself and learned valuable life lessons along the way. Futbol was a vehicle that allowed me to fulfill a college degree and travel the world while experiencing playing professionally. Through hard work and sacrifice I was fortunate enough to have been trained and coached in a variety of different systems throughout my entire playing career. My time training/playing in Mexico, European tour, and Dayton Dutch Lions F.C. in USL Pro was extremely demanding and required a high level of technical, physical, and mental ability. It also allowed me to witness how these different countries develop their youth, which is the part that now excites me the most. I am a father of two little boys, who for right now really enjoy playing futbol. I now have the opportunity to pass down what I've learned throughout my entire journey. Lil' Onions Futbol Academy is my way of paying back the sport that gave me so much. I feel blessed to be able to provide this youth academy and to help guide these kids to follow their passion in life and the joy of playing futbol. I believe in having fun while putting in work and training smart. Grab a ball, get inspired, and have a smile.



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